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Arnold is the CEO of Beta Corp. Arnold’s responsibilities include making decisions on product development, marketing and other significant business directions. Arnold’s position is subject to the approval and oversight by Beta’s Board of Directors.

Carol is a Beta manager whose responsibilities include directing Beta’s day to day hiring, firing, purchasing and selling.

Dave is a Beta salesperson whose daily activities are controlled by Carol, his supervisor. Dave is authorized by Carol to enter into contracts on behalf of Beta.

Fred works from home to edit Beta’s technical manuals on a contract- per-manual basis (he is paid for each manual he edits), and is not otherwise subject to Beta’s control.

Identify each of the persons below as a principal, an agent, an agent-employee or an independent contractor – and explain your conclusion.     For example, is Arnold a principal, agent- employee, or independent contractor and why?  If you believe a person can hold more than one status, discuss/explain.

400 words

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